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8 in 1


Reveal is a one-step skincare routine that replaces eight products, with only 12 plant-based ingredients. Whether you have skin issues such as acne or psoriasis, or simply want to brighten an old tattoo, Reveal encompasses skincare on many levels. It works on anyone who has skin regardless of age, race, skin type, or gender.

12 Ingredients That Replace 8 Products

Mangosteen-infused water

Aloe vera

Organic virgin coconut oil

Avocado oil


Hyaluronic acid SLMW*

M20tm hydration complex

1,2 Propanediol*

Behentrimonium chloride*


Cetrimonium chloride*


* Plant-based

These ingredients have been formulated and combined to result in a single product that saves you time and money.

Consider how much you spend now, possibly not even utilising all 8 of these products. Now consider that with Reveal you get all that (and more-hello, shaving cream!) for a fantastic price in one sleek tube, the benefits are clear!

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